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parking info

NOTE: You will need a parking pass to park in this parking structure. If you are not a member please text our textline 657-222-3611 to request for a temporary parking pass.

Directions to Limited Avant Tour Parking: 


Parking is located at the back of the building along Lebanon St. entering from Venice St. You will see an open parking gate on the left labeled Avant Tour Parking. Enter parking and park on the right at number 22 or 23. If neither are available then you can park anywhere on the right even though it is a charging station :) It is first come first serve. If you parked in our garage, send us a text as we need to place a parking pass in your car. 


There is also a parking lot on Cameron Ln and Lebanon St. ($10) and Street Parking on Flower and Hope St. (metered parking free on weekends) 

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