eyeLASH Extensions

*** We pride ourselves on mastering the Art of Lashing. We fully customize lash sets based on a client's eye shape and preference. A full consultation is complimentary to discuss settings, different curls, thickness of lashes and lengths.  


Before application we show you how it will potentially look on your eyes. After your approval we start application.  


The Mascara Effect is the heavenly moment of waking up to effortless gorgeousness. The most natural of all sets, with the strategic placement of feather light individual lashes on every 2nd natural lash. Perfect for industry professionals or those looking to minimize the need for make-up.


allure set

This natural, romantic set will have you feeling beautiful from the moment you open your eyes each morning. Feather light lashes are placed on every other lash for a natural yet alluring effect. Ideal for date nights and weddings or those looking to spice up their look!



RAWR! This set is sexy! As our store favorite, we highly recommend this set for those looking to add excitement to their look. We guarantee this set will have you ready to face any special event, date, meeting, or life in general with absolute confidence. Feather light lashes are placed on every single natural lash for full impact. 


Glamour Set - Hybrid Set

Using a combination of leather light individual lashes and and volume lashes, we reach a new dimension of fullness without the over the top dramatic look. This set is perfect for those who don’t have many natural lashes to begin with and looking to take it to the next level.


Glamazon - Full Volume Set

This set is nothing but VOLUME! We don’t even bother with individual lashes with this set we just go in for the kill. If you are looking for the drama then look no more! It could not get any more dramatic than this!











+ $30

2 WEEK FILL (Hybrid/Volume Fill)


3 WEEK FILL (Hybrid/Volume Fill)


An Outside Fill is when a client is coming in for a fill with a set from another establishment. It is not ideal to work on another establishments standards.


Upon arrival our Lash Expert will determine based on our standards whether you will need a 1, 2, or 3 week Fill or a complete New Set. If Lash Expert approves a Fill service it will be an additional $25 on top of the week fill price.   


For $140 you get 2 fills a month at any time! Save $5 per fill and enjoy exclusive offers for members only! 



lash lift

Shape and curl your natural lashes and say goodbye to your mechanical curler! This service uses a chemical solution to perm your lashes to naturally curl. Lift lasts 6-8 weeks!


lash tint

Using a special dye, your lashes will look fuller and darker without mascara!